why are we here?

We love living in Hartford, and we suspect others do, too.

Weliveinhartfordandyoushouldtoo was created by two local bloggers to gather together other Hartford bloggers who write about life in Hartford.  There are several great blogs out there dedicated to Hartford and Connecticut news and politics, and, though we love both of those things, we’re trying to do something a bit different here.

We’re trying to build the ultimate blogroll of Hartford folks that write their Hartford lives, and provide easily accessible links to those posts.

The guidelines are few:

First, the blogger has to be a resident of Hartford proper.  (We’d also love to list your neighborhood.)

Second, the blogger has to write about life in Hartford (culture, events, art, news, politics, most anything goes) as part of their normal posting.  (Though certainly not every day or every week, even.)

Third, we will ourselves, from time to time, post on Downtown living, things going on in Hartford, etc.

If your blog sounds like one we’re looking for, or if you have Hartford-related news to share, drop us an email at: weliveinhartford at gmail dot com


2 responses to “why are we here?

  1. All of this is new to me. I’ve lived in Hartford (half duplex in southwest) for 27 years, and have published over a dozen op-eds in the Courant, essays connecting the personal to the political re issues of living in the city, raising kids here, offering them a life different from my Old Lyme childhood, and in many ways the differences were positive. Since the courant’s sad swing downward, I’m am not interested in submitting to them now and am at lose ends. I’ve been working intermittent jobs over the years, have done school volunteer work in Hartford, and am now trying to figure out who i am/what to do with my life. Mostly I’m working on memoirs (2) first one, about the struggle with one son who has severe LD (couldn’t read or write), (now adult and dear god did we think we’d ever get HERE, will be starting grad school in Jan) and the many years of trying to get him the services he was legally entitled too. Second mem : Last year my oldest son was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma; He was hospitalized, very ill, had a biopsy where they had to crack two ribs to get to the tumor, this happening the same week his wife gave birth to their first child. I’ve been writing, in the form of letters to my granddaughter, the story of this year.
    I like Hartford. I have a weird attachment to it–not so much to any scene ie nightlife, etc. I have a deep attachment to the honkytonk of my neighborhood, to the struggle of it, and to my long history here, to this life I didn’t expect to live out here, and yet I did. My husband and I think about moving sometimes, but who would I be if I wasn’t a person who lived in Hartford?
    Is a blog something that might be a good idea? Or am I just all off. Today my son will be getting his scan results at Sloan-Kettering, his first six-month-out-scan and so I’m sitting in bed shivering, waiting for the phone to ring.
    Can you offer any advice/thoughts?
    PS I’m pretty much a recluse.

    [Virginia, based on the above, we think blogging would be good for you. You need to get it all out there and blogging can be very cathartic. Welcome to the fray and let us know your URL when you start.]

  2. Thanks for doing this. As a resident of Wethersfield I’m often in Hartford. Don’t fit your criteria but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in a city I grew up in one mile down the road… Cool site. Keep it up!

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