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parking, parking, everywhere, and not a spot to park

Aerial view of the parking lot on Asylum and Jewell that used to be a Hilton. So it was called “The Hilton Lot”. Then a Hilton was built nowhere near this lot. But it is still called The Hilton Lot. Do you think this confuses visitors? We do.

From the Nov, 22, 2009 Courant:

With more than 700 parking spaces for every 1,000 employees, Hartford has the dubious distinction of being near the top of the list for parking — up there with cities such as Detroit and Buffalo.

In contrast, more vibrant cities like Washington get by with much less parking (250 parking spaces for every 1,000 employees). The need for so much more parking for each job in Hartford compared with more competitive cities is a significant physical and financial drag, limiting the potential for growth in the city.

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