marketing hartford


The fine folks at and the MetroHartford Alliance have been working for two years on a project to change the way the city is marketed. As it says on their website: “This isn’t a tourism campaign. This is a way to promote our city to our own metro area and encourage those roughly 1.2 million people to come to Hartford more often.” They’ve already had meetings with various constituencies throughout the city and will be holding two informational sessions this Wednesday, July 27 at the Convention Center in the AM and at the Hartford Public Library in the evening. Visit the site for more info on the campaign and the meetings, and to register to attend. If you live in, work in or just love the City of Hartford, please consider attending one of the sessions to learn more and give your input on the message that will convey that our city is a great one.


searching for hartford

We’ve been having fun with YouTube’s Search Stories, with a few reasons why we feel Hartford is a great small city. Feel free to share this video, and let us know in the comments if you make your own Search Story about Hartford.

google maps, mapping hartford

Google Maps Hartford

Google was in town mapping the streets of Hartford today. This pic was snapped by @AgentMurphy on Ansonia Street in the South End (Tom, you were at a full and complete stop when you took this, right?).

one city. one take.

When Newsweek dubbed Grand Rapids, MI a “dying city”, some residents took issue with that moniker and responded with this spirited video, showing off city streets, parks, fire and police departments, and their place on the Grand River. The video involved 5,000 people, and was funded by $40K in donations. Kudos to those involved for coordinating such an undertaking, which was filmed on May 22 in one uninterrupted take.

It would be so cool to film a Hartford version of this, and show off our parks, theaters, museums and neighborhoods. It would be hard to go from Downtown and the riverfront to, say, Hartford Children’s Theatre and the Mark Twain House in the West End in one take, but who needs one take when we have so much to boast about?

More info here and here.

a virtual neighborhood

A new group has popped up on Facebook, “Dwelling in Downtown Hartford”, with the purpose of providing a virtual gathering spot for residents to discuss events, restaurants, the grocery store debate, etc. If you want to be part of the conversation, pop on over and ask to join the Group.

The group just started today and already there are 70+ members and discussions of a winter carnival in Bushnell Park, a meet-up, the importance of the Library as a hub for social discourse, engaging the neighborhoods, etc. While there are other outlets for some of this news and conversation – such as Social Hartford’s FB page and online calendar, or the various NRZs that try to address neighborhood issues and ideas – we’re all for engaging the community wherever it is that they hang out. Facebook has proven to be a great place to get folks to rally around a cause, why not use it as a tool to encourage positive dialogue about our fair city?

to market, to market, redux

So, it seems downtown Hartford is getting a Dean & Deluca-style grocer after all, in the large retail space in the Hartford 21 building. The folks behind the award-winning Pintore Catering and The Mill at 2T restaurant are behind it, as is the City to the tune of $300K (to be recouped in the last 7 years of the 10-year lease). We wonder if this survey was part of their R&D for the viability of such a store, which will feature prepared foods as well as groceries, and will be open 7 days a week. With the new convenience market across the street, residents and downtown workers will have two walkable places to pick up provisions.

As an aside to anyone who read the Courant article and thinks everybody in Downtown Hartford eschews buying groceries and we all eat out every night because there was no Dean & Deluca-style grocer in town: We don’t. We drive or take the bus to Stop & Shop in Wethersfield or the West End, or we order online and let PeaPod deliver.

But we are looking forward to a good baguette and a nice cheese selection…

Hartford, resurrected

Social Hartford,  a new comprehensive online calendar of Things To Do in Our Fair City has made this absolutely fantastic video celebrating… Things To Do in Hartford. Watch the video, share with others, go “like” them on Facebook, and check out their calendar of events.