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  1. Hey, how do you subscribe to an rss feed of your site? I see that you have feeds of other blogs on your site, but I can’t figure out how to subscribe to you!


  2. Ahoy there. I’m moving to Hartford from Dallas, TX. So, what do I need to know? I’m totally excited. Is there a welcome wagon? Where can I obtain information about apartments and fun neighborhoods? It’s just me, a dog and a cat. Hartford or bust!

    Tom Hedges

    • Hey Tom, Welcome to Hartford! First, you need to know that it has been snowing at least twice a week since Christmas and that is not normal so no one knows what to do with the snow, it’s ridiculous. I hope you are coming in the spring so you won’t think you moved to Siberia. Second, Hartford is way smaller than Dallas but that is one of its charms. Folks from every neighborhood are going to tell you theirs is the coolest, it all depends what you are looking for. Do you want to be in a high-rise type of building? Downtown. A charming brownstone or turn-of-the-century brick apartment house? SoDo. Victorian townhouse or semi-detached? Asylum Hill or parts of Frog Hollow. Victorian house with yard? West End. Etc, etc. Downtown and SoDo are walking distance to the CBD’s businesses, restaurants, and arts venues. And don’t let anyone tell you “there’s nothing to do in Hartford”, because they LIE. I suggest you check out Social Hartford and on Facebook (and their respective websites) for things to do and more info on neighborhoods. Also check out some of the blogs in our blogroll to the right, there are some great folks writing more frequently than we do.

      We look forward to hearing more from you once you come to town!

  3. Hola!

    Live in Hartford has moved and has a new URL. We’re now a .NET as opposed to a .ORG. If you could update your blogroll and switch your RSS feed that would be AWE.SOME!



  4. Hey- just a heads up that Firebox has started a DJ Sunday Brunch for all the locavore and brunch starved folks of Hartford. Who would I contact to get you all some info….I know Hartford needs more weekend food options and it supports the non profit effort here in Frog Hollow. Thanks! Mike

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