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when da moon hits yer eye

sausage, peperoni, and bacon, originally uploaded by winyang.

Alan Richman, GQ Magazine‘s food & wine critic, had the enviable task of traveling the country in search of the 25 Best Pizzas. Sadly, only one Connecticut eatery (Sally’s Apizza in New Haven) made the list. I have a sneaking suspicion Mr. Richman drove right on through Hartford on his way to/from New York/Boston/New Haven, and as such missed out on the cheesy, saucy, garlicky, crusty delicious-ness that is a pie from First & Last in the South End.  Our only consolation is that the lack of additional publicity won’t add to the already long wait on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

the love bus

bus stop on Pearl St.

bus stop on Pearl St.

Noticed on Saturday night, 6:30 pm, May 23:  one  standard city bus stop, Pearl Street at Haynes, festooned with enormous heart-shaped candy-type box, mini-picket fence, assorted silk flowers.  Too late in the year for Valentines Day. Does anybody know what this is about? Inquiring minds want to know….

and we’re #1 for “stiff upper lip”


It seems Our Fair City has been ranked #2 by Men’s Health Magazine for Lowest Risk of  Erectile Dysfunction. Sounds like we Uptight Pilgrims have a hot time in the old town more often than people think we do.

Another reason to live in Hartford.  More here.

Science, and Math too, if we can afford it

Architect’s Rendering of Connecticut Science Center.

Architect’s Rendering of Connecticut Science Center.

The Connecticut Science Center looms large on the Hartford skyline these days, both in terms of its edifice and its delayed (again) opening (it was March, then May, now June). It seems that despite belt-tightening (including an 8% salary cut for current staff) and a reduced ops budget, the Center is still way underfunded, and the State cannot give any more money. One option is to increase the ticket prices from $16 adults/$13 children to $24 per person. That means $100 for a family of four.  How many local families can afford that right now? Especially in the already-underserved Hartford market?

More here.