Monthly Archives: February 2009

the elusive poly

That much raved about but most recondite restaurant in town, The Polytechnic ON20, has happily made a wee wade into the mainstream. 

That’s right — one of the most acclaimed restaurants in Hartford is now, finally, open for dinner.  Well, on Fridays, at least.  Beginning tonight, from 4:30 to 7:00 every Friday the restaurant is open for cocktails, and from 5:30 on they are featuring their terrific three course prix-fixe menu for $45.

We have been so lucky as to have lunched at The Polytechnic, and are among those that swear it is the best restaurant in the city.  Recently they have been open in the evening for an increasing number of special event dinners — including a pre-Hartford Stage prix-fixe and Valentine’s Day.  This expansion of hours to include Friday nights hopefully signals their intent to be a player in the Hartford evening dining scene.

You may recall that a year of so ago The Polytechnic Club changed it’s name to ON20, the theory being that too many folks believed it was still a private club.  ON20 is a reference to the floor of the Hartford Steam Boiler building that houses the restaurant — and yields its enviable views of the river.  Although we understand that the “club” may have been confusing, we never liked the new name — it sounded too much like the top floor restaurant at some Sheraton, and held none of the antique mystery of the word “polytechnic.”  Hopefully the restaurant’s new, too long name signals an eventual change back to the simple and appealing “The Polytechnic,” or, maybe, as those in the know call it, “The Poly.”

Any who, we’ll be doing drinks, at least, there this eve and Fridays to come.  Hope to see you.