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this week with the hartfordians: 12.04.08

Our apologies, these Hartfordians were too busy stuffing themselves with good, local, free-range turkey last week to post. 

We weren’t however, too busy to be out and about around town.  So were our good local bloggers.  Sam at Weekend Party Update shared a steak and a tipple at Trumbull Kitchen on Thanksgiving Eve, before heading to Barca.  On Tuesday, Mira Hartford attended the LoRes Fest ’08 at La Paloma Sabanera Coffeehouse, and provides a photo from Bluegrass Sundays at Firebox, one of our favorite restaurants in the city.

Actually, Lyrical Uncertainty was way out of town for the holiday — in China, he did, however, leave instructions for the care and feeding of his wife and dogs in his absence.  (We know it’s not about Hartford, but he blogged extensively about China while he was there, and his missives are well worth reading.)

By the way, Tomorrow Weekend Party Update heads to Ross Fredell’s Debut at the Hartford Art School.  The opening reception runs from 7:30 until 10:00.

Live in Hartford, clearly a heartier soul than we are, took the time to post a pretty darn comprehensive list of everything to do around town between now and New Year’s.  We were also happy to read that she’s just as excited as we are about the redevelopment of the broadcast house.  (Although we don’t consider it a monstrosity.  “Monstrosity” is a term we reserve, Constitution Plaza-ly speaking, for the abandoned Clarion.) 

If you do the impossible and burn through Live in Hartford’s activities, Real Hartford reminds us that, among many other fabulous things happening all month at the downtown library, they are making gingerbread houses.   We’ve always wanted to do that.  We’re so deprived.

Speaking of sweets, scary bunnies has pictures of the cutest doughnuts we’ve ever seen from Tastease on New Park Avenue.  We’ve never been there and must immediately add the joint to our list.  In Hartford, it turn out, even our doughnuts are adorable.  They should be served at every lesbian wedding Ladies in Waiting hopes will come to town.

Until next week!