Monthly Archives: November 2008

this week with the hartfordians: 11.20.08

Welcome to our inaugural summary of what Hartfordish things Hartfordy people are blogging about this week.  Well, except Robin at A Bird in the Hand, who was too busy watching the West Wing to experience anything of the city.

Over at Two Ladies in Waiting, Meg quoted Twain on Hartford, recapped the Join the Impact Proposition 8 protests at Hartford City Hall, and weighed into the greater Hartford pizza debate.  Perhaps the interest in pizza was inspired by Emily from Live in Hartford, who provided a rundown on this latest iteration of Hartford Restaurant Week.

In Hartford arts and culture not served steaming and out of a brick oven, Mira Hartford broke the news that Amy Zed is leaving the HartBeat, The 40-Year Plan gave us a Connecticut history lesson, and Sam at Weekend Party Update got cozy with the Hartford Art School kiddos.

Oh, yeah, and just when we thought we had forgotten that damn “Come to Hartford. I swear, it’s fun” billboard, Real Hartford managed to remind us.



We love living in Hartford, and we suspect others do, too. 

Weliveinhartfordandyoushouldtoo is a new blog we’ve created to gather together Hartford bloggers who write about life in Hartford.  There are several great blogs out there dedicated to Hartford and Connecticut news and politics, and, though we love both of those things, we’re trying to do something a bit different here. 

We’re trying to build the ultimate blogroll of Hartford folks that write their Hartford lives, and provide easily accessible links to those posts.

The guidelines are few:

First, the blogger has to be a resident of Hartford proper.  (We’d also love to list your neighborhood.)

Second, the blogger has to write about life in Hartford (culture, events, art, news, politics, most anything goes) as part of her normal posting.  (Though certainly not every day or every week, even.)

Third, the administrators of this blog will, on a weekly basis, summarize and link to the Hartford topics written by the folks on our blogroll.

If your blog sounds like one we’re looking for, drop us an email at: weliveinhartford at gmail dot com