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are you there hartford? it’s judy blume

From “Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing” to “Starring Sally J. Friedman As Herself” to “Forever” to “Wifey”, there is no one like Judy Blume for “getting” the way kids and young adults (and adults!) really feel. The best-selling, award-winning author will be speaking at the University of Hartford on June 21 as a fundraiser for the Mark Twain House & Museum. She’ll be answering audience questions, signing books, and discussing her stories, writing habits, and her fight against censorship. The uber-talented Julia Pistell of Syllable Series and Literary Disco will be the host. Tickets are $25, $40, and if you’d like an up-close-and-personal experience with Judy, you can get premium seats and a pre-event reception with her for $85.

Judy Blume speaking at University of Hartford June 21

We’ll be the nerdy ones in the back with stacks of books for Judy to sign…

the dirt on the dirt salon

the dirt salon logoThe Dirt Salon is a new creative venture in Parkville, billing itself as “Hartford’s first and only art salon”. The space that once housed the RLF Home Design Center now houses a collection of galleries, a cabaret and artists studios. On Friday night, hundreds of visitors streamed in and out of the turn-of-the-century foundry building as The Dirt Salon hosted a grand opening soiree, aptly titled The Dirt Flirt. The photos below don’t do justice to the space, so next time they host an event, we encourage you to check it out for yourself. “Like” them on Facebook for more dirt on The Dirt Salon.

DirtSalon 001   DirtSalon 004 

DirtSalon 006

DirtSalon 019 DirtSalon 007 DirtSalon 018

Paintings by Gabriela Galarza-Block grace one of the beautiful brick galleries.

DirtSalon 026 DirtSalon 017

On the left, an installation by David Borawski.

DirtSalon 003 DirtSalon 025

DirtSalon 014 DirtSalon 010 DirtSalon 011 DirtSalon 013

Artist Anne Cubberly and some of her sculptures can be found in one of the studios. The crown she is wearing will be used at this Friday’s CT Forum.

capital city cameo in new apple iphone 4s ad

Although there are “Hartford”s in states other than CT, we’d like to think that the woman in the ad below is asking the Siri app on her new iPhone 4s for our Hartford Hospital…

(HT to clif of

more great hartford talent

If you have never heard of String Theorie, let us introduce you:

They describe themselves as “an Instrumental World Fusion band from Central Connecticut that brings together fingerstyle acoustic guitar, extended modern bass technique, and a wide variety of world percussion instruments to forge a sound that can’t really be described in words.” We first heard them this spring at a Friday-night session in the bar at Firebox, but they play at venues all over the area. They’ll be back at Firebox again Friday, August 26, and they open for Sea Tea Improv at City Steam on Sunday, August 28. They’ll also open for Don Ross and Brooke Miller at Bridge Street Live in Collinsville on Thursday, October 6.  Try to catch them, you won’t be disappointed.

a royal event

We have so many talented people right here in our midst, one of whom is the fabulous Helder Mira of Mira Hartford and Rabbit Ears Media, who has combined his passions for writing, directing & comic books into the pilot for a web series: Royal Comics. It features Hartford actors you may have seen on stage with Sea Tea Improv, Hartford Children’s Theatre etc., and was filmed in Hartford. The screening is next Friday at La Paloma Sabonera, come and check it out!

marketing hartford


The fine folks at and the MetroHartford Alliance have been working for two years on a project to change the way the city is marketed. As it says on their website: “This isn’t a tourism campaign. This is a way to promote our city to our own metro area and encourage those roughly 1.2 million people to come to Hartford more often.” They’ve already had meetings with various constituencies throughout the city and will be holding two informational sessions this Wednesday, July 27 at the Convention Center in the AM and at the Hartford Public Library in the evening. Visit the site for more info on the campaign and the meetings, and to register to attend. If you live in, work in or just love the City of Hartford, please consider attending one of the sessions to learn more and give your input on the message that will convey that our city is a great one.

google maps, mapping hartford

Google Maps Hartford

Google was in town mapping the streets of Hartford today. This pic was snapped by @AgentMurphy on Ansonia Street in the South End (Tom, you were at a full and complete stop when you took this, right?).

one city. one take.

When Newsweek dubbed Grand Rapids, MI a “dying city”, some residents took issue with that moniker and responded with this spirited video, showing off city streets, parks, fire and police departments, and their place on the Grand River. The video involved 5,000 people, and was funded by $40K in donations. Kudos to those involved for coordinating such an undertaking, which was filmed on May 22 in one uninterrupted take.

It would be so cool to film a Hartford version of this, and show off our parks, theaters, museums and neighborhoods. It would be hard to go from Downtown and the riverfront to, say, Hartford Children’s Theatre and the Mark Twain House in the West End in one take, but who needs one take when we have so much to boast about?

More info here and here.

please vote for malta

Malta House Bus

No matter how you feel about the Healthcare Act or “socialized medicine”, you have to admit that our local emergency rooms are not the proper place for the poor and uninsured to seek routine medical care. Hartford’s Malta House of Care provides free healthcare to the uninsured and the extremely ill. Dr. Pauline Olsen, a retired obstetrician, has been instrumental in establishing the clinic and volunteers at nearly 90 percent of all available clinic days since it opened in 2006. She is a nominee for the  L’Oreal Women of Worth Award. If she gets the most votes, Malta House will receive $25,000. It only takes a second to help make a big difference!

downtown dress shop to be a grocery-deli

When they put a grocery store where a dress shop used to be, you will not be required to dress up when shopping there. Unless you are Taylor Swift.

The Hartford Business Journal reports that the former Niro dress shop, at 241 Asylum Ave., will soon be the site of a new grocery/deli. Unlike Rose Gourmet or Max Bibo Deli, the hours for shop will be more amenable for downtown residents and evening visitors instead of just lunching business-folk.

We find it interesting that it will be across the street from the Hartford 21 storefront that Northland outfitted to be a grocery store on spec a few years ago, that still sits empty. So many of the Northland storefronts (Goodwin Hotel shops, Hartford 21, the North side of Pratt St) have sat empty for years while the properties across the street from them are occupied. Makes you wonder how hard they tried to fill them.

Taylor Swift photo via.